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Halo! (Yes that’s right, that’s HELLO in Indonesian!)

Private Bahasa Indonesia in the past few years. Her relaxing approach and friendly teaching methods helps several people not just understand the basics of Bahasa Indonesia, but even embrace it as their second language.

Bahasa Indonesia Learning

Bahasa Indonesia is one of the most used languages in the world, and also considered one of the most unique of all languages. You will learn how to read and write basic Bahasa Indonesia. Along the way, they’ll provide you insightful tips and practices that would help you grasp more than just the language itself; but also Indonesian Culture.

Explore the beauty of Indonesian traditions and familiarize yourself with Indonesian heritage. As many people say, embracing culture is they key to learning a new language.

With the right motivation and willingness to sacrifice time can easily learn and master Bahasa Indonesia. And she offers her services and expertise to make that happen, one person at a time.

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