Philippine Cuisine is your ultimate online Filipino cookbook. With dishes from the 7,107 islands of the country, you are sure to find more than a sweet escape of Filipino food craving palates but more so, knowledge about the amazing culture, traditions, colorful festivities, people and of the country itself.

Greatly influenced by a mixture of traditions and culture from invaders in the old days, the Philippines is indeed more than an archipelago but an Asian food haven. Located at South East Asia, Philippine cuisine and Filipino cooking is not hard to miss. Simple yet complex is how Filipino cuisine is mostly described. With a wide array of the freshest ingredients in the country, one can definitely come up with a dish that spells forth FILIPINO with every bite!

With technology carving the way for globalization, Filipino recipes has made its way into the hearts and homes of the seven continents across the globe.

Filipino cuisine is undoubtedly easy to make — for as long as the ingredients are fresh and is cooked with tender loving care, you will surely experience an indefinite explosion of flavors in your palate — even when you are miles away.

Take a tour around one of the most sought after food haven in the world with a click of the mouse.