Mia Munro International

Mia has lead many to enormous expansion resulting in complete personal overhauls in business, lifestyles and global contribution.

But it is her unique and highly attuned skills that have resulted in outstanding past success as a Coach, Facilitator and Internationally Acclaimed Speaker.

Like so many people, She has always held a restless-ness inside, a powerful drive and a desire to give back at a significant level. Her drive is unstoppable, her desire for freedom un-lacking and her knowing of truth profound.

She has created multiple FREEDOM GENERATING OPPORTUNITIES which provide a WOW sense of adventure and POWERFUL outcomes that EXPAND, ALIGN and PRODUCE Powerful Personal Philosophies.

Mia now focuses her time between adventures as an Author, PresenterInstrument for Influence and supported by a team of Coaches and Facilitators.

Often referred to as a Superwoman,She has done some crazy things!….

She has lived on water alone in times of lack; Endured silence for more than 10 days; Risked large amounts of money; Moved house over 38 times in 38 years; Skied mountains with broken limbs; Competed in endurance races; wrote and recorded a single and played it 1000’s of people; Studied with Native American Shamans; Slept open-air in Africa where Hippos roam; An Ambassador for not for profit organisations; Survived losing her hearing overnight and her most powerful lesson was losing her million dollar business because She did not stand up what she knew was right!

She is Naked…exposing her gifts and Ready for Action. Are You?

The New World demands of its leaders that they have experienced what they teach! Mia Munro Introduces the very philosophies that have resulted in her being a catalyst for world change by constantly pushing the boundaries set by society and by being a courageous leader who speaks her truth.

Mia’s journey is the epitome of Personal Success, Determination, Authenticity and Contribution.

As a Successful Social Entrepreneur, Author of Authenticity Coaching book ‘Get Real!’ Internationally acclaimed Presenter, Philanthropist and Instrument for Influence, Mia has worked extensively in the area of Personal Development. She has impacted many people’s lives worldwide. Through building Australian wide communities and realizing rapid millionaire success in her ventures, she is constantly adapting to a changing world through accessing powerful intuitive tools linked to ground breaking technologies.

Mia Munro will Courageously strip back conditioned layers to get real about your life choices.

Define your own philosophy. Get Naked with me.

“Through my experience, I introduce you to deliberate & conscious choices that will allow you to strip back your life, create personal freedom & leave your imprint.” Mia Munro